Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Janice Goodman, DDS

Dr. Janice Goodman30+ years experience/ Ongoing formal university education/ my biggest source of joy is my family/ I am curious and love being creative and working with my hands.

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Dr. Elysa Kliman, DDS

7 years dental experience/ 8 years formal university education/ I love to: hike, dance, practice yoga, travel, eat dessert/ Greatest accomplishment: hiking Mt. Everest/ What I’m most excited about in the next 5 years: Dental volunteering internationally (Myanmar & Cambodia) and summiting more mountains.

Newest achievement: Fellowship in AACP, Diplomat status in ABCP Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine Certification.

Presently traveling to Stanford University and working with their sleep group.

Certified in Myofunctional therapy and ALF Orthodontics.

Dr. Kevin Kliman, DDS

Dr. Kevin Kliman9 years dental experience/ 8 years of higher level education/ I enjoy: Sports and computer programming / I love: meeting new people from around the world

Attended Tufts University in their Dental Sleep Program.

Most excited right now about becoming a new father.

Dr. Tina Kokosis, DDS, MSc Periodontics

Dr. Tina Kokosis13 years dental experience/ 10 years formal university education/ Clinical Instructor University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry/ I love to: run, travel, eat dessert (of any kind)/ What I’m most excited about in the next 5 years: meet my goal of travelling to 100 countries.

Involved in lecturing on how to place dental implants.